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Wednesday, 25 March 2020


We are currently living in very perilous times. The whole world appears to be confronted by a common enemy. And both local and international media have kept this story alive, adding to efforts to save lives, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  It's refreshing to see TV news coverage incorporating a diverse pool of experts and commentators. The viewer expects balanced viewpoints.

In what seems like an eternity, the dominant opinion in TV news shows has been emanating from male voices, with token appearances of female representatives, every now and then.

An all women panel thus presents a powerful statement of the 'neglected' abilities, capacities and brilliance that reside in the female consciousness.

Indeed, male perceptions in any discourse are likely to only give us half the story, and it would need the input of women to complete the picture.

Which then raises another issue.

Is having an all female panel in TV news discussions equally a disservice to the viewer?

Will this also lead to a warped world-view?

The main aim, I guess, should be to have balanced views, irrespective of whether they are coming from male or female viewpoints.

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