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Tuesday, 25 August 2020


When confronted by a new or unfamiliar situation, the most reasonable thing to do is to adapt and be in sync with the dictates of the emerging circumstances. Another way out is to evolve and transcend the prevailing challenges of operating in a new environment. Some say Covid-19 has irreversibly changed content generation and media consumption.

Evidently, the distinction between mainstream and social media is now being continuously eroded, especially when it comes to content consumption.

For example, the chances of an impactful video clip emanating from traditional media, can very well be matched with the possibility of the same content being channelled through social media first.

Indeed, the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have made it mandatory to discard tried and tested methods. And chart new paths for production, presentation of content and audience engagement. 

It is either that for a media enterprise, or you lose relevance, profitability or even your core functions in society.

Whereas appointment viewing has for long been forcing the audience to schedule their lifestyle around the airing of their favourite TV programs, the tables now appear to have been turned, to the point of no return.

Many Kenyan broadcast stations are now seeing the need and sense of making their content available on demand... and on the go!

For the great minds working hard to push out their individual content, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. But there's every reason for reinventing yourself.


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