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Sunday, 15 April 2012


Dear this. Dear that. Oh Dear. Is there no end in sight for the continued over usage of this epistolary beginning for newspaper articles, blogs, tweets, status updates, or even quirky television news reports?
'Dear Kenyan artist dont ask me to buy ur music 'to support local' talent. Make something that calls to me, I will buy it!'
Granted. It is an exceptionally great way of pouring out one's stream of consciousness or train of thought, and projecting it to a particular person, often somebody in authority, as immortalised in a song by Pink:
Dear Mr. President,Come take a walk with me.Let's pretend we're just two people andYou're not better than me.I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly.
In a make-believe kind of way, one can also grants oneself an audience with somebody, who in reality, might practically be impossible to address in person. Hence the many letters to the President, Pope, King, Empress, Santa or Lady Gaga.

Such is the power of the epistolary format. And such is the pity that this portent stylistic devise is gradually becoming a literary nuisance and textual irritant, thanks to an overkill in its use.

Dear humanity, don't turn the beauty of the epistolary into a knock-kneed and hackneyed eyesore.


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