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Friday, 21 June 2013


Kenyan TV stations have decreed that all mornings are the same for everyone. So, a similar content will be on offer across the channels. From a recap of the previous day's news, to a newspaper review segment, followed by some interviews or discussions. Is the entire audience that homogeneous? The discontent with the content of TV morning shows is on different levels.

The setting is most of the time studio-based, with a pinch of razzmatazz to create the illusion of technological sophistication. But be warned, artificialness is indirectly proportional to visual appeal.

Attempts are made to focus on engaging topics. But there is either too much talking that induces sleeping tendencies, at a time when the staying awake barrier is supposed to have been overcome, ahead of a presumably productive day.

Or, the pretentiousness that permeates the presentation styles, buoyed by self-centred banter, leaves a sugarless aftertaste, from the early morning viewing experience.

Once in a while, there are flashes of brilliance in capturing real issues that reasonably resonate with the struggles of the majority, and celebrating the resilience of unbroken spirits.

But how hard is it to not only think outside the box, but to completely forget there once was a box, and instead opt for the path less trodden, when it comes to selecting a unique programme format?

I refuse to mourn the death of creativity in Kenyan TV stations.

I agree to rejoice at the birth of refreshing programming ideas


KN said...

Okay...my morning TV is glued to cable TV for news not these shallow "talkshows"

Unknown said...

All these TV stations are now competing for an audience whom they bombard so much with the same content n in an almost similar manner! The result has been the dwindling of creativity.