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Monday, 28 December 2009


The congregation of the Alpha and Omega Church in Kingsbury has been challenged to stop being mere consumers of goods. Their pastor wants them to become owners of business enterprises instead.

And the man of cloth says the time to start doing so is from the beginning of the next decade. That means in less than a week's time, when the world ushers in 2010.

How about that for a recession beating sermon?

It surely made an impression on me, especially in light of it being my first time to attend the church.

Admittedly though, seeing my beloved Kenya's flag draped high among those of Israel, Great Britain, Jamaica, Ghana, France, Nigeria and USA, did have me smitten in the very first minutes

Transforming blacks from consumers to producers

Bishop Errol Campbell ingenuously did share some ways of beginning the journey to the land of business ownership, in the opposite direction of consumerism.

He first got the ladies in the church to acknowledge that they, like majority of black women, are worshippers in the alter of weaves and hair extensions.

                    Preview of a movie on the craze for good hair

Then he threw down the gauntlet.

" How many of you actually own enterprises that supply the hair or nail accessories to their fellow black women," or do you all just contribute to the profits of somebody else?" he asked.

Turns out he is right. No one in his congregation had thought of venturing into such or similar line of businesses, where a ready market is ripe for picking

Instead of making the traditional call to those seeking salvation, the Bishop offered to pray for people habouring business ideas. A sizeable number stepped forward meaning the business angle in the sermon made sense.

And some people still feel attending church is a waste of time.

1 comment:

Doris Speaks said...

Oh, yes, one of the many benefits of going to church. As I've heard it being said, blacks are not innovators. Don't know how true that is. I do personally know a couple of blacks who have their hands deep into the black hair retail business.
Oh, and about the hair business, it's too late to make us stop using extensions. It's like asking us to stop brushing our teeth!