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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


We were warned. It would take as long as 6 months before your blog gets noticed in the Internet. Tips were handed on how to get a certain G-juice to boost online presence.

An on-going battle that is seldom won was set off, with the sole aim of ensuring readers are not burdened with an opening paragraph of more than 25 words.

And now one absent mindedly finds oneself using the bold function or throwing in a sub-heading here and there as has been found to be most appropriate.

The wait for envisioned fiery discussions, triggered by thought provoking posts, is still ongoing. Comments are earnestly being awaited, with widgets that promised page-loads of blog traffic proving to be not as virile.

Unable to ignore the sagacity of social networking, blog entries were exported to fecund sites, beaming with so-called friends and friends of friends.

Expanding the blog traffic dragnet

Somebody had to take notice of all the portent content being churned meticulously on a routine basis. Armed with the belief that home is the best source of attention charity, links were streamed into the facial pages.

The posts, which metamorphosed into notes, did get noticed. Debates did get started and comments generated. But alas. None of all this coveted action was being channelled back to the blog.

Both overt and covert appeals were made, asking for some of this booking of faces interactivity to be directed at the original site, but to no avail.

So as the parent blog withers from lack of documented attention, the blog-in-law prospers from constant salutations, felicitations and affectations.

Who will stop the losing streak in this win-win situation?


Varun said...

I so agree with what you said. My Italian football blog has more posts than views... Can it possibly get any worse?!? But true true... I suggest in true Indian business minded medium... that we all visit each other's blogs and click on Google Ads every damn time. That way we get more and more juice and plus all you know 50 people clickin on ur Ad everyday might just make us some money... Haha!

Doris Speaks said...

Oh Come all yea blog traffic? Lol. Give up! We underlings will only finally get it right sometime in the distant decade!!!

Anonymous said...

Varun, kindly do not generalize the Indian public with your opinion of it.

Anonymous said...

Lol! and i agree with Doris! I can only hope to get noticed one day...! For now I am only channeling my blogging energy towards writing pieces that people enjoy! = )

Albert Gachiri said...

Finally. Nourishment for my blog,(some beef included).

Varun said...

I think some one lost the ability to take a good joke. I mean realllllyyyyyy now.....

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with your kind of humour in that case.

Philippine Sites Directory said...

You know, I kinda noticed that. When posting a link on Facebook, the interaction happens in FB, not on the source blog (which was the objective). Let me know if someone finds an answer to that.