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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Subduing a people's collective will, can only lead to one eventual conclusion. The triumph of the people's will, no matter the price of sacrifice that must be paid, even if this is measured in terms of human lives lost. That's why the victors in the Egyptian uprising can only be the Egyptian people.

Weary of the impact of social media, the Egyptian authorities have resorted to clamping down Internet connections. But stopping an idea, whose time has come can hardly be achieved this or any other way.

Thanks to the likes of Al Jazeera and the BBC, a minute by minute account of what is going on in Egypt is still being beamed across the world.

And political analysts are already starting to deconstruct the complex and more all less covert interests of the US and Israel governments, and their dwindling hopes of a continuation of a Mubarak-led regime.

The Arab World, some say, will never be the same again, thanks to the extra-ordinary courage of that frustrated Tunisian man, whose self-immolation set off the chain reaction that is now reverberating in neighbouring Algeria, Egypt and as far as Yemen and Jordan.

Hooray to the spirit of self-determination. Hooray to the people's will. Hooray to the dismantling of despotic regimes.


zaq said...

The triumph of the people's will, no matter the
price of sacrifice that must be paid, even if this is measured in terms of human lives lost.
and here comes my million dollar question(s) :
Why should we hunger and thirst for human blood? Is there no clear methodology of dealing with matters of national concern?
Are we that dump to always revert to violence whenever faced with such?

godfather said...

Gachiri, So goes a saying: “If you love your children, if you love your country, if you love the God of love, clear your hands from slaves, burden not your children or country with them.”
-- Richard Allen
With the current waves in the Arab World, we hope the women will too come out and demand their civil rights

Anonymous said...

i foresee the same in Kenya!!! atleast in the next 18-24 months!!!!

Anonymous said...

revolution is a must it started in s.Africa(1994)kenya(2008)then to northen part of Africa!let tha wave continue!France went through the same,germany did that,britain,etc!

Anonymous said...

Gachiri this kind of uprising is what is needed to these autistic regimes that wont listen to the common man's grievances. am sure Kenya is on that path.......This is the 21st century and thus leadership should be a service not a right for select few individuals.