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Monday, 5 September 2011


In yet another phenomenal departure from your usual news presentation, the news anchors of NTV County Edition have been dazzling viewers with their tasteful traditional outfits that reflect the culture of the community from where they are broadcasting from.

In a commendable effort to fit in and indeed depict the seriousness given to the strategy of devolving news to the very grass-root level, the anchors have bequeathed a much needed appreciation for the diverse nature of Kenya's ethnic communities.

It is a marvel to watch this mode of county news presentation, given its added authentic feel and how the anchor introductions seamlessly flow into the video clips of the main stories, in a very contextualized fashion.

It is a welcomed deviation from the very common suits for men and formal wear wear for women, which predictably oscillates between skirt or trouser suits with brightly coloured tops.

I am of the school of thought that feels it looks awkward for a male TV reporter, e.g., to be telling a sports story and then appear in a tie and suit, when doing a piece to camera from the stadium or whatever sports arena.

So the idea of donning traditional outfits is quite refreshing and also communicates the fact that NTV County Edition is not seeking to indulge in parachute journalism, where they just land in a part of Kenya and then pretentiously seek to appear to know all there is to know about a given region.

Instead, one gets the feeling that the crew is trying hard to first understand the stories they are covering and the values of their host communities, knowing too well that they are outsiders at the very least, before relaying the same to an expectant national audience.

It is indeed a joy to watch regional news sugar-coated with such an underlying sense of focused treatment, designed to bring out all the issues in an enlightened yet humble mode of presentation, devoid of any negative pre-conceptions.

And that in essence, is the beauty, strength and enduring appeal of NTV's County Edition


Anonymous said...

Good work keep it up

Anonymous said...

Creative approach makes news time very interesting

Anonymous said...

When will NTV broadcast online?

Anonymous said...

proud to being a kenyan

mackline said...

i like your programmes especially the county edition.

Anonymous said...

NTv,actually u r doing a great job.There is mo need of watching CNN,there is a comprehensive coverage of Kenya right here with u guys.keep it up.

Anonymous said...

We need ntv to broadcast online so Kenyans in diaspora can enjoy all your shows. Check out what Netflix.com is doing. Let's promote Kenyans to build Kenya

Anonymous said...

I wish this idea came in early b4 most counties were covered. Simply brilliant.I wish this idea came in early b4 most counties were covered. Simply brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I watch from the other side of the world because Kenya is my heart country and to see the culture being actively kept is brilliant.

Anonymous said...