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Saturday, 28 October 2017


The twists and turns in Kenya's prolonged and increasingly agonizing electioneering period, continue to raise tensions in the country. Critical players seem to be tearing the country apart. But what worries the most is not the political or institutional failures.  It's the devaluation of human life, when settling real, perceived or imaginary differences. Solidarity is what we need.

Like Mykal Rose chanted many decades ago, Kenyans need to constantly remind themselves of who the real enemy is, by telling each other:
Look at me I ain't your enemy
We walk on common ground
We don't need to fight each other
What we need, what we need
Yes. We are all stakeholders in defining the destiny of the country.

No. That does not necessarily mean we have to die so that someone else assumes or retains the presidency.

The liberation struggles cost many lives undoubtedly.

But the liberty gained was to enable us to resolve arising differences without shedding more blood.

Violence, whether from state organs or organized gangs should not feature in conflict resolution.

Again, Black Uhuru's Steven Van Zandt composed lyrics ring so true:
Look at me I ain't your enemy
Don't believe everything you hear
This is not time to fight each other
What we need, What we need...

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